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iWander for iPhone

Tips and Tricks

  • iWander groups your locations, photos, and notes into "tracks.  If you save a track, share it by email as Google Earth KMZ, PDF or as full-resolution, individual photos.  Share links to tracks via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

  • Writing notes while wandering is optional - you can always add notes later to your stored track by using the waypoints screen.

  • Optionally bypass text entry after photo taking to speed up the process.

  • To save power, start or continue recording your track and then push the iPhone's "sleep" button (top, right side).

  • If you need to exit iWander ( to make a call or access your iPhone), you can always restart iWander and continue where you left off.

  • Try recording a test track before capturing an important journey.

  • Add up to eight email addresses in the options screen, and select which ones to use.

  • Some iPhones have email memory issues.   You can shorten the length of shared attachments in the options page.

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