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Itinitek Press Release - March 17, 2011

by Itinitek

Itinitek releases a new app: Powder Alert

 Powder Alert for the iPhone:

Powder Alert







Itinitek Press Release - Nov 24, 2010

by Itinitek

Itinitek releases a new app: Video Voyager version 1.0

Nov. 24, 2010 -- Itinitek releases a new app:  Video Voyager
Version 1.0 includes a collection of travel information grouped into a track.  Detailed information is as follows:

  • map log
  • video log
  • audio log
  • track detail with distance, velocity and vertical profile information

Itinitek Press Release - May 17, 2010

by Itinitek

Itinitek releases iWander version 3.0

    May 17, 2010 -- Itinitek releases a major update for iWander.
    Version 3.0 includes:
  • GPS time.
  • New velocity calculation algorithm.
  • Upload track links to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Users are allowed unlimited tracks which can be stored for view online indefinitely.
  • View high resolution pictures along the track online. (see below)



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